Avoiding relapse is a large part of overcoming addiction, you don't have to do it alone.

It is a long road to overcome drug dependence or addiction to alcohol. It consists of emotional challenges, withdrawal symptoms and strained family ties. Addicted individuals are vulnerable to heightened emotions and reactions. Fear of losing what you have achieved, can often be a strong relapse trigger. At Alcohol Treatment Centers Tampa, they give patients the relapse prevention training and tools they need to avoid a setback.

Using relapse prevention techniques is the most successful way to ensure long term sobriety. Staff members act as a support team and specialize in rehabilitation and recovery. They can help you fight your addiction.

Many people relapse multiple times. Some can maintain sobriety only for a short time and some can do it for years before they find themselves back in the old routine. They know how to help you overcome the obstacles of sobriety and stay sober. Various facilities can provide relapse prevention strategies that can help you stay clean. Call Relapse Prevention Tampa for various options at 813-262-0168.

Signs of an Imminent Relapse

The goal is for each patient to achieve long lasting sobriety. This is done by making changes and adopting a more positive outlook on life. Through therapy and relapse prevention education, patients can learn to live a happier and healthier life without drugs or alcohol. Losing focus and not practicing the skills you learned in recovery can easily lead back to drug use. Some warning signs of a relapse include:

  • Feelings of anxiety or stress
  • Reminiscing on old times when you did drugs
  • Lying to friends or family members
  • Depression
  • Losing interest in the new activities or hobbies you learned during rehab
  • Feeling angry or irritable when someone tries to help
  • You experience mood swings or behavioral changes
  • You experience withdrawal symptoms
  • You stop going to support group meeting and/or therapy sessions
  • Negative thoughts about life or the recovery process
  • Changes in newly adopted routine
  • Meeting up with old friends you once did drugs with or going to places where drugs are readily available

Finding the Support You Need

Oftentimes, when trapped in the spiral of addiction, the addict feels alone in their struggle. An important part of recovery from addiction is establishing a strong support system and understanding that you're not alone. Placing yourself in an environment that provides proven methods, a stable sanctuary, and dependability is a huge part of relapse prevention. An individual who currently has drug addiction problems or who has relapsed may feel like an outcast. Treatment and rehabilitation centers are a place they can turn to without the fear of being judged. At alcohol treatment centers Tampa, you will find people with relatable experiences to your own, individuals who are fighting the same battles and those who want to help you. Through the experienced and knowledgeable staff and safe environment, they can provide you with the highest quality rehabilitation services. Offering rehab programs that target the various phases of the drug and alcohol addiction treatment, and can help place you in one that is specific to your needs. Understanding how difficult drug and alcohol addiction can be. Learn more about how they can help you put a stop to the physical, mental and emotional by calling Relapse Prevention Tampa 813-262-0168, for information on various treatment and rehab options just for you.

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